Elections 2013 - results

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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you that the IIBA has completed an election for new members of the Board of Trustees, who will begin their term in office in February.

As you may remember from previous messages from me, or from the membership meeting at the conference in Palermo, this year we have elected eight members to the Board, three from the European region, two from the North America/New Zealand Region, two from South America, and a new representative from the IIBA Faculty. In addition we will have four members of the outgoing Board as ex-officio members (that is, non-voting). We decided to do this because otherwise the turnover in Board members would be so great we feared that there would be loss in continuity.

reunion BOTThe elected members of the Board are:

  • Claudia Ucros, Maria Rosaria Filoni, and Patrizia Moselli (re-elected for a second term) from the European Region;
  • Jim Elniski and Garry Cockburn (re-elected for a second term) from NANZIBA;
  • Ana Lucia Faria and Eulina Ribeiro (re-elected for a second term) from the Latin America region;
  • and John Conger, representing the IIBA Faculty.

The ex-officio members of the new Board are: Fina Pla (from the European region), Maê Nascimento (from the Latin America region), Barbara Middleton (from NANZIBA) and myself, as previous president.

With this election the IIBA Board has put into place a voting system, using online systems that is efficient and inexpensive. With the very able and committed help of Pilar Llobregat our administrator, and Claude Thovex our webmaster, and the very hard work of the Elections Committee with Francisco Garcia as chair, and Olaf Trapp, Diana Guest, and Jayme Panerai, as committee members, the recruitment, nomination and election of new trustees was efficient and the system is now in place for all future elections.

Speaking of which (next elections), the Board organized this election as we did partly to assure that Trustees will begin to serve staggered terms. This way only a small number of completely new trustees will be serving on the Board at any time. This means that nominations for new Trustees will be needed every year from each region (except the Faculty). I encourage you to become involved in the governance of the IIBA, as officers and always as voters.

We have many new programs and initiatives in the IIBA that will advance the work we all do. We are about to begin the first training group in China. We are in the midst of planning the next IIBA conference, following on the very successful one we held in Sicily last June. The next conference will be held in Brazil in 2015, and information about it will be sent out to you all shortly. A Professional Development Workshop is planned for October 2014 in Spain. These are only a few of the many projects, international, regional, and local that reveal the vitality and creativity of the organization and its members.

As you all know, with the exception of Pilar and Claude, all of us work as volunteers. Many of you have contributed to our effort to make the IIBA a more effective organization for the benefit of us all, its members, and in the execution of our mission to advance the development and growth of Bioenergetic Analysis. I want to thank the many of you who have done translations, helped at conferences, hosted IIBA activities. Without all your work and contribution the Board could not do what it has done.

This is my last communication to you in my capacity as President. At the upcoming meeting of the Board in Lisbon new officers will be elected by the Board.
I ask that you extend to this new Board and the new officers the same support and encouragement that you have extended to me and to the present officers. It has been a privilege to work with you, and for you, on all our behalf to advance the work we do and believe in.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Baum, Ph.D. ABPP
President, IIBA Board of Trustees

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